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China southern airlines of haikou aviation food at the 1st international aviation food exhibition


Asia's first airline food show on May 3-5 smooth opening in Shanghai international exhibition center.China Southern Airlines (600029, shares) co., LTD. (China Southern Airlines Company Limited, referred to as "Southern"), haikou airline food factory (hereinafter referred to as "haikou food") technology backbone representative to attend the exhibition, show the coral green mustard shrimp, snow area amorous feelings of flying fish, tiramisu, chocolate almond pudding, and other products, China Southern Airlines international brand, full build positive show the image of China Southern Airlines and got all the exhibitors and visitors both at home and abroad customers high praise and high praise.In the show, the delegates also actively with other enterprises representative face-to-face communication and exchanges, enhance the understanding of each other, understanding and friendship and promoted the mutual win-win cooperation.
Figure 1: exquisite booth
Figure 2: customs tiramisu
Figure 3: coral green mustard shrimp
Figure 4: snow area playing the flying fish

Figure 5: almond chocolate puddin  

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